DUSKMOON SHOP was created out of sheer will and determination to integrate the perfect blend of high-quality, handmade bath bombs with luxurious fashion jewelry for your delight and surprise.

My name is Victoria, and I'm the president and founder of DuskMoon Shop. I've always had a passion for taking things I love to a whole new level. Who doesn't enjoy a lovely bath or steamy shower at the end of a long day. The relaxation, the bubbles, the fantastic scent, all melting the stress of the day away. I spent years looking for the perfect mixture of quality ingredients to create the most amazing bath bombs. Nothing machine-made in a factory. One hundred percent handmade bath bombs using ingredients that revitalize the skin and are safe to use.

That's not all, however, many of our bath bombs and shower steamers comes with a delightful surprise, a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Each piece is safely stored inside a small bubble in the center of the bath bomb (retail value of $39.99 +), only revealing itself once the bath bomb has dissolved into the bath water. A perfect treat for pampering yourself. The cherry on top. I take as much care in choosing the jewelry pieces as I did in selecting the ingredients for each bath bomb. So, I'm delighted to introduce these lovely treats to each of you.

Thank you so much for visiting my store.
Happy Bath and Shower Time!